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Asian Poems


Asian Pryde

Asian Pryde is in my mind,
Asian blood is in my kind,
So step aside and let me through,
Cause its all abouts the Asian Krew,
Asian love is all around,
For my fellow Asians, will never let me down,
Show your Pryde and say its true,
Cause Asian blood flows through you.
Asian Pryde -4- Lyfe and Eternity

The Pool Theory

The pool theory... A pool table and so it the earth. There are different colored balls and there are different colored people. The cue ball is white... the eight ball is black. But if you take notice... the yellow ball is always numero uno!  


ASians For A Change

Asians have always been peaceful, and kept to themselves for years. That's because we couldn't look away our fears. Now we have a larger population. Allowing us more communication. A new culture, a new era, it's time for us to come out.  To show the world what we're all about. We all follow the beliefs of Confucius, Jesus and Buddah. Raised with pride, honor, respect, and charisma. We were brought up good, kind and caring, But some of us changed ourselves to bad, mean, and daring.  Now Asians are the new talk of the news. Us and our gangs and our kick back crews. We're the worst race to step the earth and that's a fact.  It's not White, Hispanic, it's not even black. White's stereotype, we have slanted eyes and study too much. We don't give a fuck about such and such. Hispanics call us chinks, gooks and fobs. They're just jealous, 'cause we make fun of their jobs. White's and their fuckin' k.k.k shit. We ain't scared, we ain't terrified a bit. Hispanics and their beaner gangs. We don't give a fuck, we just drive by and BANG! BANG! BANG! Whites try to discriminate us in every possible way. We don't give a fuck, we don't care what they say. Beaners try to pick on us and have fun. They keep forgetting who has the bigger guns.  It's all about pride, if you're Asian, without no Asian pride, You don't belong with us, you might as well step on to the other side. We have the most money and we're the smartest race. With our brains we can control the entire place. Though we will never have domination. 'Cause we still have Asians killing Asians...


Vietz On the Top...We'll Never Drop.
Red n Yellow Flag, will never drag..
Where we stand is what we command.
Where we stroll, is what we control.
It's all about the Viet Thang!



Viet Pryde
Viet Pryde is what you see
Viet Pryde forever will be
On top is where we stand
A true Viet born, is what I am
Spreadin' love nationwide
I know where I'm at so step aside
People near and far
Know not where and not what we are
Chinese, Japanese, is what they guess
But we VietNamese yo, no less
Look here, I got one more thing to say to you

Azn Pryde Til' I Die

Asian Pryde til' I die,                                                                                    

No reason for me to lie                                                                                  

So step aside, 


Your Kickin' it on the Asian side,                                                                 

So step aside before we regulate,                                                              

Us Asians really hate to wait                                                                         

Keep it real cause, Asians will